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We live, breathe and cook with maple around here. Over the course of many years of experimentation we have accumulated a stack of recipes that have been tested, improved and repeated until they are just right.   We present them in three categories: Drink, Eat, and Indulge. ‘Drink’ is mostly cocktails but there are a few non-alcoholic beverages as well, including the very simple and delicious Maple Milk. ‘Eat’ showcases how maple enhances savory dishes and ‘Indulge’ speaks for itself. New recipes are added regularly, so please subscribe or check in to see what our featured recipe is and feel free to send us your own ideas through the Contact page.


The Dooryard

A most excellent cocktail from our friends at The Hearth and Candle: Bourbon, ice cider, Cardamom Infused Maple Syrup and bitters.

Smoke and Mirrors

A perfect drink for a crisp, fall evening, using rye whiskey, pear juice and Pecan Wood Smoked maple syrup.

Maple Mai Tai

It is true that winters here linger about six weeks longer than most folks can tolerate, but there is nothing so gorgeous as a Vermont summer.  While the rest of the country is showing very dark shades of red on the weather map, we enjoy 70s during the day and cool, decidedly unsticky nights.

Peach Sangria

I’ll buy raspberries and occasionally melons in winter.  Fresh tomatoes are purchased in winter only under extreme duress.  But not peaches.  Never peaches.  Peaches are only their true selves in July and August.  And with all due respect to growers north of the Mason-Dixon, they have to come from southern USA.

Watermelon Slushies

I bring up language because I had been trying to find the words to describe this Watermelon Infusion Slushie.  It is really simple; just pureed watermelon with lemon and either Makrut Lime-leaf or Hibiscus infused maple.  Each flavor of infused maple syrup results in a very different drink but both are so good in their unique way.  

Kem’s Gimlet

Creativity, good taste and fearlessness are the right traits to turn out new cocktail combinations with the infused syrups which is why I called on my friend, Kem.  Kem is a master mixologist who, among other talents, throws a wild Halloween party with a fantastic bar full of sinister cocktails. (For garnishes, she puts out a bowl of peeled lychees, pitted and stuffed with a blueberry to resemble eyeballs; very effective after trying one of the absinthe cocktails.) 

The Virgin Rob

My friend Rob lives down the road with his wife, Martha.  Rob has the temperament of an actor which is to say he can be very quiet but you know he is absorbing all the nuances of those around him for later use in his craft.  


Pairing Runamok Syrups with Cheese

We have assembled a list of cheese pairings with our syrup. Elderberry Infused with Stilton, Pecan Wood Smoked with Cheddar; use this list as a starting point to discover your favorite combinations.

Maple Granola

Put down that cookie and have this instead. It may, arguably, even taste better.


Maple and Orange Tea Cake

This cake is another example of substituting maple syrup for any recipe that calls for making caramel.  I saw this recipe in Better Homes and Gardens (February, 2017) and immediately decided it had a higher calling with maple.  Essentially you make an orange cake...

Maple Tart Tatin

The Tart Tatin is a beautiful dessert that is a delight for guests to eat but can be a bugger for chefs to cook well.  The traditional method of making it is to arrange apples, butter and sugar fanned out in a pan and then top it with pie dough or puff pastry.  The...

Maple Princess Coffee Cake

For many more creative recipes using maple syrup, check out Food52. You will find plenty more to drink, eat and indulge in, including this Maple Princess Coffee Cake.

Maple Popsicles

Them temp has shot up to 86 degrees around here and you’d think we were all going to expire. Time for Maple Pops.

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