The Dazzling Darby

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What’s in a name? My brother in law, who is a certified fan of our maple syrup, introduced the family to our new favorite cocktail – a drink he called the Darby. It consisted of bourbon, lemon juice, Pimms (did I mention he is English) and our pure maple syrup all muddled with cucumber. When looking up the history, the all-mighty web informed me that ‘The Darby’ is a classic cocktail made with gin and grapefruit juice but there were several versions of a drink called ‘The Derby’ from the 1930s made with rum, lime juice and maple sugar. 

No matter. My feeling is that food is ever-evolving and there is no better example of that than our Sparkle Syrup which makes any cocktail more fun. Since I love Nick’s drink, complete with its name and we are making it our own anyway, I’ve dubbed it ‘The Dazzling Darby’


The Dazzling Darby

  • 1oz bourbon
  • 1oz Pimm’s
  • .75oz fresh lemon juice
  • .75oz Sparkle Syrup


Muddle with cucumber, pour over ice, stir. Consider how important it is to keep some goofiness in your life.