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Using fall cabbage, end-of-season corn and our Smoked Chili Pepper Infused Maple in the dressing, this sweet and spicy slaw is perfect for tailgating. See the recipe below. .
For the Slaw:
- ½ red cabbage, grated
- 1 large carrot, peeled and grated
- Kernels from 1 ear fresh corn or 1 apple, peeled and grated
- ½ cup chopped cilantro or parsley
Sweet and Spicy Vinaigrette:
- 1 Tbsp fresh lime juice
- 1 Tbsp roasted pumpkin seed oil (if unavailable, use an extra Tbsp of olive oil)
- 1 Tbsp olive oil
- 1 tsp @RunamokMaple Smoked Chili Pepper (Merquén) maple syrup (or more to taste)
- ½ tsp salt
- Fresh ground pepper
Combine all of the vegetables in a mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, blend the vinaigrette with a fork then pour over the slaw. Toss gently and serve. Makes about 4-6 servings. #runamokmaplevt

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Runamok Maple is now available at @WholeFoods. Each store will be stocking their favorites so call ahead if you are looking for a specific syrup. The fan faves (Bourbon, Cinnamon+Vanilla) will likely be available at all stores. #runamokmaplevt ...

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We were featured in @getCairn's summer camping subscription box. Bringing some Ginger Root Infused Maple on a camping trip - that makes waking up in the woods all the better. #runamokmaplevt ...

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