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Limited Release: Strawberry Rose Infused

Sustainability + Social Responsibility

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Our Limited Edition Cocoa Bean Infused has been a hit. We only made one batch so when it is gone, that is it for now. Did we mention how good it is on ice cream? 📷: @sarahsalvasco #runamokmaplevt ...

@britneybreaksbread went above and beyond with this gorgeous Pear and Ginger Root Maple Syrup Russian Honey Cake using our Ginger Infused Maple. The cake takes some time to make but that is entirely the point. Check out her recipe at the link in our bio. #runamokmaplevt ...

Patagonia sets the standard for quality gear and environmental stewardship. They are now offering food @patagoniaprovisions that meets those standards and we are proud to be part of their pantry. #runamokmaplevt


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