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Bitters | Maple Bitters by Runamok | Cocktail Bitters


Bitters have been around for centuries as medicinal digestifs and have gradually come to be more commonly used as an ingredient for cocktails. Most often made with an alcohol base* to coax flavors out of herbs, roots, and spices, we’ve added a touch of maple to soften the edges and add even more nuance. Made in Vermont with all natural ingredients- no refined sugars and no additives.

Orange Bitters

Decidedly citrus forward, these Orange Bitters will brighten any cocktail, whether fruity or neat. The aroma of citrus lies atop an elixir of complex aromatics and a subtle maple base. A fine addition to vodka and gin, but a particularly good friend to bourbon.

Aromatic Bitters

The woodsy notes of cinnamon, clove, and allspice found in our Aromatic Bitters inspire the flavor in darker spirits like bourbon and whiskey to bloom. Astute palates may also notice hints of sarsaparilla and vanilla bean, alongside the warm maple base.

Floral Bitters

Delightfully bitter, this elixir combines upfront floral notes with subtler, aromatic elements of cardamom and ginger all layered on a maple base. The additional mingling of rose, citrus and clove would augment any cocktail made with gin or vodka.

Perfect for Cocktails, Baking, & More

Bitters have a long history in classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, but they also have many uses beyond cocktails in dishes both savory and sweet. Add complexity to soups such as butternut or onion. Use in vinaigrettes when you want to punch up your basic oil and vinegar. In pastry, a teaspoon of Orange Bitters in pie or cookie dough augments recipes that call for lemon or orange zest.