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Runamok American Honey

One of nature’s great natural sweeteners, honey lends itself to some incredible flavors. As we’re always aiming to elevate your everyday food and beverage experiences, honey was the easy next choice for us after maple. Not only is honey a delicious natural sweetener, but it also carries a number of medicinal qualities. Our passion for quality, innovation and culinary exploration has resulted in the following line of honeys. We know you’re going to love them.

Raw Honey

Infused Honey

Hot Honey

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Pure Raw American Honeys

Our raw honeys are about as close as you can get to tasting pure honey straight from the hive. We gently filter the honey, making sure we retain much of the original pollen and propolis, which provide raw honey many of its incredible medicinal qualities. We’ve sourced several delicious varieties of raw honey including our Autumn Blossom (aka “Beekeeper’s Cut”), Tupelo, Florida Orange Blossom, Basswood, Knotweed, and High Plains Clover.

Specialty Infused Honeys

We’ve taken our High Plains Clover Honey and infused it with the most interesting spices we could find. The resulting infusions are honeys that are more complex and delicious than the sum of two simple ingredients. Use them on toast, in tea, or any number of baking recipes.

Spicy & Hot Honeys

Our hot honeys are an extension of our infusing expertise. Like all Runamok products, our hot and spicy honeys bring together new and unique flavors in exciting and delicious ways. These honeys are excellent on fried chicken, grilled shrimp, sharp cheeses, and roasted vegetables.

Our Resident Beekeeper

When we decided to expand our offerings to honey, there was one person we knew we needed on our team: Todd Hardie. One of the nation’s most respected voices in beekeeping, Todd brings over 50 years’ experience and has shared his passion and knowledge with the entire Runamok team. Todd has schooled us on the critical role honeybees play in our agricultural ecosystem, the intricate processes of beekeeping, as well as the importance of keeping honey in its purest forms. We are thrilled and proud to have Todd as a member of the Runamok team.