High Plains Clover Raw Honey

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Since honey bees are more likely to feed on clover than any other flower, this is the standard for honey flavor. The hives were set up on the high plains of Montana, giving this honey a sweet and earthy flavor.

This product is certified kosher.
Net Wt: 9 oz. (255g)

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    Product Details

    What is High Plains Clover Honey?

    The "quintessential" honey. Clover Honey is the most commonly harvested and consumed honey in the U.S. It is the sweet, sugary, mild, lightly floral flavor you probably think of when you think honey... But don't let that fool you: this high quality, high plains clover honey is some of the very best honey we've ever tasted. Unlike the mass-produced and ultra-processed teddy bear squeeze bottles from your grocery aisle, this Raw High Plains Clover Honey is packaged using minimal heat, unpasteurized, and only very gently filtered so that it is as close as you can get to fresh honey straight form the hive. This raw, living honey is packed with all the beneficial enzymes and nutritional properties that are stripped away in processed commercial honeys. Taste the difference with this pure, mild, and delicious favorite.

    Where does it come from?

    Our High Plains Clover Honey comes from the plains of Montana and Wyoming. We work with a family producer out of Power, Montana who has been operating their apiary for over 50 years.

    How to use High Plains Clover Honey

    Because clover honey has the most traditional honey flavor – a mild, delicately-floral sweetness – it is perfect anywhere that honey applies. Ideal in a cup of tea, on your morning toast, or as a replacement for white sugar in a no-frills hot toddy, this honey is incredibly versatile for everyday use. Despite it's all-purpose nature, it's also up for an occasion: we love using it to elevate this Kefir and Honey Cake and in these delicate Honey Almond Florentine Cookies. More High Plains Clover recipes here.

    What Does Raw Honey Mean?

    Raw honey means this honey is as close as you get get to eating it straight from the hive. It has been minimally filtered and slightly heated (never at a temperature higher than would naturally occur in the hive) so we can safely seal it in a jar, but all the medicinal qualities and beneficial enzymes are all still in tact. If you look closely, you'll be able to see some of the original pollen and propolis still present in the honey, which are what help make honey the superfood that it is. Due to its raw nature, this honey does have the tendency to crystallize (that's how you know it's the good stuff!), which you can learn more about here.