The No-Frills Hot Toddy

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A simple and straightforward hot toddy. Easy to make. Easy to enjoy.


Prepare the garnish by sticking the pointy end of your cloves into the pith of your lemon slice (pith = the white bit of rind between the fruit and outer peel; this helps keep the cloves from floating around your drink).

In a 12 oz mug, add your whiskey. Top with hot water. Stir in honey until dissolved. Garnish with the lemon and clove, giving the lemon a good squeeze on the way in. If you don’t have cloves on hand, a few dashes of Aromatic Bitters will do the trick.

Optional Note: If you’re feeling a bit congested or under the weather, try adding a crushed garlic clove to the whiskey before topping with hot water and garnish. The flavor is strangely satisfying, convincingly medicinal, and may just be the cure for what ails you.