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Food Gifts: 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

November 13, 2023
French toast is a favorite of mine, for sure, but I’ve recently discovered something to make it monumentally better.  What is it?  Runamok Maple syrups!  You have no idea just how delicious these syrups, made in Cambridge, Vermont are.  Assortment boxes are available and I highly recommend ordering some for yourself and friends this holiday season.  Un-believably good!  You can’t go wrong with infused concoctions such as Holiday Spice Infused, Festivus Infused and Sparkle Syrup.  Or how about barrel aged syrups?  These are good enough to literally lick your plate clean, and everyone will understand why you want to.
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33 Gifts for Minimalists That Won’t End Up in the Donate Pile

November 13, 2023
From a purely logical standpoint, the best gift for a minimalist is no gift at all... But giving nothing is no fun for anybody. And while cash and gift cards are always appreciated, they’re not exactly a joy to give or receive either. So before you throw in the towel (or buy them even more tea towels) check out this list of the best gifts for minimalists. Most of these gift ideas happen to be our specialty here at Epi—edible goods that won’t stay in the kitchen long. I’ve also included a handful of other consumables for the home that don’t last forever, like flowers and candles, plus a small selection of high-quality items that aren’t going to end up in the “donate” pile. This cinnamon-and-vanilla-infused maple syrup is so good they might be tempted to order an entire case.
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The Only Way To Prevent Maple Syrup From Going Bad

October 18, 2023
"You should store maple syrup in the fridge once it has been opened," confirms Laura Sorkin, co-founder of Runamok, a Vermont-based producer of maple syrup and other products. "If it is unopened, it can stay in your pantry." Who knew? Well, obviously my coworkers at EatingWell, the folks at Runamok, and apparently everyone else in Vermont—which is by far the largest producer of maple syrup in the United States, according to Statista. Here's why your maple syrup belongs in your fridge.