Prep Time: less than 5 minutes

Servings: 1 cocktail

The azalea cocktail is the signature drink of the pro golf Masters Tournament. The Masters is held each April at Augusta National in Georgia, where thousands of perfectly-bloomed azalea bushes line the the course. This iconic namesake drink uses grenadine to match the pink blooms and spring atmosphere. Some Azalea recipes call for a splash of pineapple juice, but the course has confirmed their version is made with the simple vodka, lemonade, and grenadine recipe below. We make use of our all-natural maple-based Grenadine Syrup, instead of the typical corn syrup and red dye version, because a top-tier competition deserves top-tier ingredients.


We’ll be enjoying this light and refreshing punch all Masters’ weekend and into the summer. Next up: we’re looking into ways to incorporate maple into a pimento cheese sandwich…

Hosting a crowd? Prefer alcohol free? Recipe below for a batch version of this cocktail. It also makes a great non-alcoholic drink by substituting the vodka with soda water.



  • 1 In a glass of ice, combine vodka and grenadine. Top with lemonade and a lemon wedge. Serve.

    Hosting a crowd? You can mix up this cocktail by the batch. In an empty pitcher combine: 1 ¼ cups vodka, ½ cups grenadine, and 5 cups lemonade. Stir well and garnish with lemon wheels. When ready to serve, pour in glasses over ice and garnish. Makes 8 cocktails.

    For a tasty non-alcohol version, just substitute vodka with soda water.