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runamok grenadine syrup cocktail mixers

Cocktail Mixers & Syrups

Our line of maple-based cocktail mixers and syrups is an easy way for you to craft some of your favorite cocktails at home. In true Runamok fashion, our products are only made with real herbs and spices, infused in pure maple syrup – no refined sugars, no additives. Now that’s something we’ll raise a glass to.

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Level Up Your Home Bar with our Pre-Made Cocktail Mixers

Our pre-made cocktail mixers and syrups are designed to help you make exquisite cocktails in record time! Our Maple and Smoked Old Fashioned cocktail syrups are perennial best-sellers and make great gifts for whiskey lovers. Looking for something lighter? Give our Maple Ginger Mule or Maple Tonic mixers a try!

All Natural Ingredients

Our cocktail syrups and pre-made mixers are made with organic maple syrup and infused with real foods- not corn syrup and artificial flavors. You’d be surprised at how much better your cocktails can be!

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Perfect for Non-Alcohol Mocktails Too

For the sober and sober-curious, our cocktails syrups and pre-made mixers are perfect for whipping up some of the best mocktails you’ve ever had! Make a non-alcoholic Mule or splash a dash of our Maple Grenadine into a refreshing seltzer.