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Why Maple?


We started producing maple syrup because we wanted to embrace both the history of maple and the opportunity to discover new ways of using it in international and modern cooking. We are always exploring, testing and tasting, and are constantly amazed by how versatile it is as an every day ingredient.

Our love of the product is equally matched by our desire for an environmentally-friendly operation. One of our favorite aspects of sugaring is that it allowed us to create a high-quality, natural food while also protecting forest land. We know that the thousands of acres of forest our sap comes from is treated with care and managed for biodiversity, water quality and habitat. In fact maple syrup is one of the best examples of agriculture and conservation co-existing.

Why Honey?



Runamok is known for quality, innovation, and all-natural products that elevate everyday food and beverage. One of nature’s great natural sweeteners, honey lends itself to some incredible flavors, and, in its pure form, has medicinal qualities, just like our beloved maple. We have just started to explore how many directions we can take this fascinating and delicious product.

Honey is a wild harvested product. As it is with sugaring, every season is entirely unique and the production is only possible with hours of hard work. With so many adulterated honeys on the market, we’ve made it our mission to bring customers the best, pure honey our beekeepers have to offer. 

Honeybees play a crucial role in our food systems and are increasingly threatened from loss of habitat and the use of pesticides. Like with our sugarbushes, we’re focusing on how our business can have a positive impact on the local ecology as much as the end consumer.