Florida Orange Blossom Raw Honey

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Florida Orange Blossom Honey comes from hives that have been situated in Florida citrus groves. You can taste and smell the perfume of orange blossoms on this mild and tropical honey, which makes it an excellent choice for teas, pastries, pancakes and more. Read below for more information on this superb, raw Florida honey.

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Net Wt: 9 oz. (255g)

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    Product Details

    What is Florida Orange Blossom Honey?

    Florida Orange Blossom Honey is a mild, fragrant raw honey that comes from hives placed in the middle of Florida's citrus groves. In the early spring as the orange flowers bloom, bees feed on the nectar, producing an exquisite honey that captures the essence of the orange blossoms. Coming out of the winter, this important food source for the bees is critical to the orange groves, which rely on the bees for their pollination.

    Where Does it Come From?

    We've partnered with the Winter Family, who also produce our Beekeeper's Cut Autumn Blossom Honey, to bring you this delightful Florida Honey. Before the harsh New York winter sets in, the Winter Family moves their bee colonies south to Florida to keep their bees healthy and happy, and to prepare for the pollination of the orange groves. Pollination services are the main reason the Winter Family and other beekeepers relocate their bees to warmer climates in the winter and spring. No pollination would mean no orange crop. The delightful Orange Blossom Honey - that's just an added bonus.

    How To Use Florida Orange Blossom Honey

    Florida Orange Blossom Honey is a great replacement for any recipe that calls for refined sugar. The orange essence makes it a great choice for tea, dressings/vinaigrettes, roasted vegetables or pairing with cheese. For some great recipes featuring our Orange Blossom Honey, check out our Almond Tart, Honey Tea Cake, Nighttime Toddy, and more.

    What Does Raw Honey Mean?

    Raw honey means this honey is as close as you get get to eating it straight from the hive. It has been minimally filtered and slightly heated (never at a temperature higher than would naturally occur in the hive) so we can safely seal it in a jar, but all the medicinal qualities and beneficial enzymes are all still in tact. If you look closely, you'll be able to see some of the original pollen and propolis still present in the honey, which are what help make honey the superfood that it is. Due to its raw nature, this honey does have the tendency to crystallize, which you can learn more about here.