Tupelo Raw Honey


We are thrilled to introduce the latest of our limited release honeys: Tupelo Honey. A varietal honey of exquisite flavor, Tupelo is a rare, highly prized raw honey that is harvested in one specific region of the American Southeast. Quantities are limited, so secure yours today! 

This product is certified kosher.
Net Wt: 9 oz. (255g)

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    Tupelo honey is a varietal honey of exquisite flavor that is very rare and highly prized.  Some say the flavor has hints of rosewater, with buttery undertones. When we tried it here at Runamok, we found that the only way to describe it is that it tastes like honey… times 1,000. It is like the uber-honey - the supreme and outstanding example of what pure honey can taste like: sweet, rich, and, forgive us for driving the point, the honeyest of the honeys. In other words, it doesn’t taste like pineapple, brown sugar, or jasmine - it tastes like honey, one that is so good, it inspired a timeless song. We think if gold had a flavor, this would be it. Tupelo honey comes from only one region; the Apalachicola River basin in the Florida panhandle and the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge along the Georgia-Florida border. It is here that the tupelo tree blooms for a short period in April and the bees create this golden nectar. Beekeepers that collect it leave their hives either upland in the grove or alongside the banks on barges. The harvest can be different every year depending upon the weather. Tupelo trees blossom for a short period in April and if bad weather comes through at any point during those weeks, the heavy flowers can be blown off in strong winds, cutting the harvest short. It is for this reason, plus the very small range of Tupelo swamps, that this is such a rare honey. Our honey is harvested by the Cantu family in Wewahitchka, FL. They leave their hives on barges for the short season and we were lucky enough to accompany them on the short trip down the Chipola River in April of 2022.  (If you want to check out this serene setting, see our videos on IG that chronicled the trip. We called it our Bee Safari.) It is no surprise to us that such a pristine and beautiful setting results in such excellent honey. Tupelo honey will not crystalize due to its high fructose content.