Prep Time: < 5 minutes

Servings: 1 drink

This cocktail was created at Waterworks, a gorgeous, river-side restaurant in Winooski, VT. It was a fundraising drink to raise money for flood relief after heavy rains destroyed homes, buildings, and farms in July of 2023. Our Sugarmaker’s Dark is the ideal maple to match the bold flavors of rum, lemon, and fresh sage. They have graciously allowed us to pass along the recipe.


  • 1.5 oz Rum (we recommend Mad River)

  • .5 oz curacao or cointreau

  • .75 oz fresh lemon juice

  • .5 oz Sugarmaker’s Dark maple syrup

  • 3 fresh sage leaves


  • 1 Pour the rum, cointreau (or curacao), lemon juice, and maple in a cocktail shaker. Add 1-2 fresh sage leaves and muddle for a bit.
  • 2 Add ice and shake well.
  • 3 Strain into a rocks glass, add more ice and garnish with remaining sage.