Harry on Maple Milk

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Maple syrup and milk by Runamok Maple

My friend, Harry, is eleven and lives in the uber-hip DUMBO section of Brooklyn. Harry and his fifteen year old twin brothers, Ben and Cameron have been part of our product development from its inception. When we sent them our first batch of Cinnamon + Vanilla infused syrup they quickly found its second best application next to pancakes: stir some into a glass of cold milk for the ultimate after-school drink.

Harry is a very clever kid with a charming English accent from his years living in London. He is generally very verbose but froze up a bit when the recorder came out. After reviewing the tape, I don’t think 60 Minutes is going to hire me anytime soon. It could also be that Harry’s feelings about maple milk are as simple as the drink itself: it’s really good.

L: Who came up for the idea for the maple milk?
H: I think my mum.
L: She did?
H: Or my dad
L: So they just put it in the milk and that was that?
H: Yeah.
L: Why do you like it?
H: It’s really good.
L: Do you drink a lot of chocolate milk?
H: Yeah.
L: Which is better, chocolate or maple milk?
L: There is a right answer here.
H: Uh, maple milk is pretty good but I’ve had chocolate milk more than maple milk.
L: So is it the maple cinnamon vanilla that is so good?
H: Oh, yeah, definitely.
L: I am relying on you to be an ambassador for us, so have you introduced any of your friends to maple milk?
H: No but I’ll try.
At this point Harry’s brother Cameron walks in.
L: And how about you, Cam, have you been talking up maple milk as like the best thing in the world to all your friends?
C: No, I don’t think that’s what we would talk about.
L: Come on, you know we are relying on you guys to spread the word! So Harry, any last words about maple milk?
H: It’s really good.