Rock the Casbah

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This is a drink that was inspired by a cocktail blogger named the Moody Mixologist. They created a rum-based Old Fashioned and added saffron-infused honey as the sweetener. Brilliant. We happened to produce some truly exquisite Saffron Infused Honey so you don’t have to make it yourself, not to mention some highly prized Orange Bitters. To really give it a Vermont hug, we used Mad River Distillery’s First Run Rum. In a nod to the saffron’s middle eastern soul (plus our love of The Clash), we’ve named it Rock the Casbah.


Create your saffron honey syrup by dissolving a 1:1 ratio of Vermont Saffron Infused Honey and hot water (this recipe calls for 1.5 tsp of the honey syrup per cocktail, but you can make a larger batch and keep in the fridge for future use). In a cocktail mixer, add your honey and water mixture, and stir to blend. Add the rum, bitters, and ice and shake for half a minute. Strain into a whiskey glass, add more ice, then a twist of orange rind.