The Vermont Breakfast Sandwich

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Since maple syrup is part of the culture in Vermont, we use it in places that people who are not from here may find curious.  For example, maple syrup is present at most office coffee stations since many folks use it in their coffee and tea.  It is also part of a regular condiment offering along with honey and jam to pour on yogurt or granola. It goes without saying that real maple syrup is the rule, not the exception at diners and other breakfast joints (at least those that want to stay in business).

One application that is increasingly seen at grab-and-go delis and general stores in Vermont is the breakfast egg sandwich with a drizzle of maple syrup on the bread.  This is a brilliant twist that puts a nice variation on your morning routine.  Even for those of us who prefer a savory breakfast to a sweet one, this is a great sandwich.

The recipe for this one is pretty straightforward.  You can use sausage, bacon or thin-sliced ham, just remember one of those three requires no cooking. Fry up an egg in some butter and toast an English muffin to light brown. Take your toasted muffin half and butter it, then add a light drizzle of Sugarmaker’s Cut pure maple syrup or Merquen Infused Maple, if you want a little smoke and spice. Top the muffin with your meat of choice and a warm fried egg. Now you are breakfasting like a Vermonter.