Smoked Maple Syrup

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Smoked Maple Syrup – the most delightful way to deliver both sweet and smoky flavors to any dish or beverage. Through a proprietary method, we use pecan wood to smoke our syrup (no liquid smoke here!), which has resulted in one of our most popular maple syrups to date. Continue reading below for some of our favorite ways to use Smoked Maple Syrup.

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    What the what?  Yes, smoked.  Through a proprietary method we have developed a smoked maple syrup that will deliver both sugar and smoke to any dish or cocktail. Not a good choice for pancakes, this syrup is great drizzled over dishes such as chili, BBQ or glazed root vegetables. Add it to a cocktail in place of simple syrup and you have background notes of smoke and caramel.  Our friend Martha loves it poured over apple crisp.  Eric puts a dab on Stilton and serves it up with crackers.

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