Prep Time: <5 Minutes

Servings: 1 Drink

This recipes comes courtesy of home mixologist and Runamok community member Robin Karides, a.k.a. The House Mouse. To see our full interview and to learn more about her cocktail inspiration, visit our Community Feature blog post with Robin.

“I am not a gardener. I’m not just saying that because I do not enjoy gardening. Plants die on my watch no matter how hard I try to keep them alive. Even cactus seem to just NOPE out on me, and they are hearty plants! I follow directions, make sure to water and feed them, and have even talked to a flora and fauna from time to time. Nothing works. I’ll go to bed with a healthy fern only to wake up to corpse plant with no sign of cat molestation or dog disturbance. There was a time I really wanted to flower garden, but I just could not bring myself to buy pretty petunias or lovely lilies only to have them turn brown and black with decay in a matter of days. I, honestly, do not know how I manage to keep my children alive to for 25 years! My pets are even geriatric and totally healthy! I guess I will just have to settle for the flowers I find in my cocktails. Those I do not mind killing. Cheers!”



  • 1 Add syrup, bitters, and gin to cocktail mixing glass.
  • 2 Add ice and stir until well chilled.
  • 3 Strain into Collins glass filled with ice.
  • 4 Pour in ginger beer.
  • 5 Sip and smell the flowers… in the beverage.