Hibiscus Infused Maple Syrup


Made only with maple and hibiscus flowers, this syrup is tangy and intense, full of raspberry and lemon flavor. It is excellent in cocktails and remarkably good over strawberry ice cream. Not for flavor wimps.

Hibiscus lovers take note: This original infusion will be retiring in 2024. Grab some while it’s still available or check out our all-natural Grenadine Syrup. A great alternative when Hibiscus has signed off.

    Product Details

    We start with the best maple syrup of the season and infuse it with organic hibiscus flowers.  The result is an intense, tangy, ruby red syrup that is great in cocktails or over desserts.  Imagine a collage of berries, flowers and maple syrup and you have the picture.  It’s totally unique. Don’t share it with your friends unless you’re ready to run out.