Elevated Iced Coffee

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Iced coffee is simple, right? Your favorite brew, chilled down to a refreshing temp, served over ice. So what makes it taste so much better from a coffee shop than made right at home? Perhaps it’s just one of those things, but maybe we’re not giving a homemade cup of joe the love it deserves…

If your homemade iced coffee needs a bit of a facelift to get you going in the morning, a stir of Runamok maple could be just what you need. It’s already in syrup form so no frustration from trying to dissolve sugar crystals into your already-cold beverage. We have a range of infused flavors from Cardamom and Cinnamon + Vanilla, to Cocoa Bean, to Smoked and Barrel-Aged varieties to keep things interesting (you’ll thank us for the Cardamom recommendation later). Even better, our all-natural sweetener is a better alternative to refined sugar and artificial creamers, while bringing robust flavor, richness, and an assortment of flavors for your new favorite pick-me-up!

  • Ice
  • Chilled coffee
  • 1-2 tablespoons of Runamok maple syrup
  • your favorite milk

Pour your coffee over ice, stir in your favorite Runamok flavor, top with milk (bonus points if frothed), stir, and enjoy!