Rooftop Kiss

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When considering how I might incorporate our new Jasmine Infused Maple into a cocktail, I steered toward Asia on the assumption that other flavors from jasmine’s native region would compliment it.  I went with the recommendation of our local liquor purveyor and tried an unfiltered sake (nigori sake) which is meant to be served cold.  After playing with the proportions, I settled on three parts sake to one part Jasmine Tea Infused Maple and topped it off with a slice of plum.  My, oh my, my, my.

The milky texture of the sake is evocative of a humid night in late summer where the air is dense with moisture and just perfect for next-to-bare clothing.  The shot of Jasmine Tea Infused Maple imparts a little bit of delicate green tea but mostly a top note of honeysuckle that hits the back of the tongue with a touch of sugar.  The plum is the ideal finale, like a kiss at a rooftop party from a flirtation that has finally come to fruition.  The taste of these elements together is like nothing you’ve ever tried before. I can say without hesitation that it is my favorite Runamok cocktail to date.

The Rooftop Kiss

  • 3 parts nigori sake (I prefer Tozai “Snow Maiden”)
  • 1 part Runamok Jasmine Tea Infused Maple Syrup
  • Crushed ice
  • Plum garnish

Be sure to shake the bottle of sake before pouring.  Mix the three parts nigori sake with one part Jasmine Tea Infused Maple Syrup in a short glass.  Add a generous spoonful of crushed ice and top with a sliced, ripe plum.