Warm Your Cockles

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We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘warm your cockles’ but we wondered; what exactly are cockles? Turns out the cockle has many definitions. A cockle is 1. A bivalve (type of clam), 2. A wrinkle, 3. A defect in sheepskin, 4. The mineral, black tourmaline, and 5. A part of a kiln. Last, but most relevant to the above phrase, 6. Cockles refer to “one’s innermost feelings”. We admit that is not what we thought they referred to all this time but we are glad to be corrected because the title suits this drink perfectly. It is non-alcoholic and perfect for a crisp fall afternoon. The ginger in the Maple Mule mixer give it just a hint of spice and the maple syrup enriches the sweetness of the apples. 

Warm Your Cockles


¾ cup apple cider

2 – 3 tsp Runamok Maple Mule Cocktail Syrup


Combine the cider and mixer in a small pot and gently heat.  Serve in a mug.