What Makes Maple Syrup Organic?

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For many who buy organically grown produce, their main concern is chemicals on their food. As an organic grower, I understand the inclination, not comprehending why one would put poison on something they are going to eat.  There are some organically certified items, however, that no doubt elicit a bit of eye-rolling.  Have you everRead More

Maple + Conservation

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Maple syrup is the gold standard of agriculture and conservation coexisting.  It is made by tapping trees in a natural forest and gathering the sap in the spring when the weather warms during the day and drops below freezing at night.  Aside from fishing, it is one of the last agricultural industries in which theRead More

4 Pantry Staple Recipes You Can Make Without Running to the Store

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A big, big thank you for those who head out every day to keep our vital services and hospitals going.  For the majority of us, however, we are staying home and keeping trips to the store to a minimum.  That means facing the pantry and fridge with a daily calculation: ‘I’ve got A but don’tRead More

Maple Oatmeal Recipes

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Oatmeal is wholesome and nutritious… and a little boring. It needs some assertive flavors to turn it into a meal you would look forward to. Consider Runamok Maple your ally to keeping your breakfast healthy AND delicious. Our syrup is organic and all natural as are the ingredients we use for our infusions, so youRead More

COVID-19 Update

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3/27/20 Runamok Maple is in full operation. Production is currently running Monday through Thursday and our fulfillment team is working Monday through Friday 8-4. Our sugaring team is still working the woods and boiling regularly. Office staff is working remotely and is accessible through phone (802.849.7943) and email ([email protected]). If you have any questions, pleaseRead More