Behind the Scenes: Infused and Hot Honey

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The years we spent honing our skills at infusing maple have been applied to this new category of honey with excellent results… WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RAW AND INFUSED HONEY? If you’ve been following along with Runamok honey, you’ve probably heard us tout the benefits of raw honey as “honey straight from the hive.” Infused honey,Read More

New Release: On the Hunt for Tupelo Honey

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  This spring, on our bee safari down in Florida, we met up with the Cantu family, who are one of the producers of our Florida Orange Blossom Honey. In addition to showing us around the orange groves, we had an incredibly special opportunity to follow them on a different mission: the pursuit of rare tupelo honey.   WHAT IS TUPELORead More

Honey 101: The Art of Beekeeping

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We went behind the scenes with our bee guide, Todd Hardie, at his home in Vermont last month to get a tour of a hive and learn the ins and outs of beekeeping.   WHAT GOES INTO A HIVE? We’ve laid out basic beekeeping terminology in our Honey 101: Beekeeper’s Glossary – a somewhat cheeky,Read More

Citrus Greening: What is it and how is it affecting honey?

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This spring, our co-founders Eric and Laura traveled with our bee guide, Todd, down to Florida to meet with our producer partners in the area to source a new crop of Florida Orange Blossom Honey (check out their trip in our Bee Safari video series here). Unfortunately, sourcing Florida Orange Blossom Honey this year provedRead More

Cheese and Honey Pairing Guide

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We are very proud to be based in a state that values high quality food. We routinely top the lists for “best-of” beer, our maple products are renowned, and we produce more excellent fruits and vegetables for a northern state than you might expect. But we are exceptionally proud of the cheese that is churnedRead More

Honey 101: Beekeeper’s Glossary

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The somewhat cheeky, highly anthropomorphized guide to honeybees.   Apiary (n.): a collection of beehives, also known as a beeyard. In most places, these need protection from bears, skunks, and other wildlife in the form of electric fencing. With all respect to Pooh, they are after the bee larvae more than the ‘hunny’, though youRead More

On Trend: Hibiscus is Having its Moment

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When we first began infusing bright, tart, tropical hibiscus into our traditional Vermont maple syrup it was a bit of a shock to many maple purists. Today – while still a novel idea in maple – hibiscus is finally getting the celebration we think it has always deserved! According to reputable sources like Forbes, Mashed, and the New York Times: HibiscusRead More

Easy Summer Cocktails & Mocktails

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Meet our favorite (and easiest!) three-ingredient summertime drinks… While our infused maple, honey, and cocktail collections are fabulous for elevating your food and beverages to new heights – not everything has to be so complex. We’ve spent years developing flavor profiles that are robust, bright, and balanced, bringing the flavor to you. Our syrups andRead More

5 Simple and Delicious Uses for Hot Honey

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We’ve taken hot honey to the next level… Forget hot honey that is one note, hot-for-hot-sake, and lacking depth and nuance. We’ve kicked it up a notch with a trio of hot honeys infused with bold and unique peppers geared toward a culinary palate. We’ve used our experience in infusing the finest ingredients into nature’sRead More

Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Barbecue Table
Father’s Day is right around the corner, so why not take a minute to send a sweet surprise to your favorite guy. From Barrel-Aged Maple Syrups, Hot and Smoky Honeys, to fun, easy-drinking Cocktail Mixers, we’ve got something for every father-figure in your life. THE RUNAMOK FATHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE For all the dads, grandpas, father-figures, brothers,Read More

Feature: Vermont Business Magazine “Sky’s the Limit” cover May 2022

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Vermont Business Magazine Cover
Runamok is proud to be the cover feature of Vermont Business Magazine’s May 2022 issue: “Sky’s the Limit: Curt Alpeter, Laura Sorkin, Eric Sorkin, and Runamok.” We’re looking forward to what the future holds… “We’re really a specialty food company,” Alpeter said. “We started out in maple, but we’ve branched into cocktail mixers and intoRead More

The End of Sugaring Season: Pulling Taps

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Once the crazed rush of the sugaring season is over, we pull out all 125,000+ taps that took roughly seven weeks to put in. The difference with untapping over tapping is that it is less time sensitive, less cold and generally less stressful. When we start putting them in in January, there is always uncertaintyRead More

Happy Earth Day: Sustainability Spotlight

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HAPPY EARTH DAY! The way we see it, both maple and honey are products that work for a better environment and not against it. At Runamok, we believe protecting the land is of the utmost importance. Both maple and honey are gifts from nature and we endeavor to show our appreciation by protecting the naturalRead More

News from the Sugarbush: Season Wrap Up

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The season is winding down here in northwest Vermont. The sap is still running but there are signs of spring everywhere… Spring is here in Vermont, from red salamanders to the first ramps (wild leeks). The sugar maples have not yet started to bud but the red maples are about to burst with flowers. WhenRead More

Runamok Bee Safari

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How do we source our honey? On a Bee Safari, of course! Runamok’s founders, Eric and Laura Sorkin, went down to Florida in April with our bee expert Todd Hardie to meet with beekeepers, visit hives, and source the best raw varietal honeys nature has to offer. When we decided to add honey to the RunamokRead More

Runamok New Flavor Contest 2022

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Runamok New Flavor Contest Thanks for playing! The ballots are tallied, the numbers are crunched, and the results are in…the winner of our new flavor contest is: PINEAPPLE UPSIDE-DOWN MAPLE SYRUP! Our R&D experts will be hard at work in the flavor lab to bring your top choice to fruition… PRE-PRDER IS NOW OPEN –Read More

Why Does Honey Crystallize?

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Whether you’re looking at a jar of raw Runamok honey or are just curious about the natural phenomenon, we’re here to help clear up the question of crystallization.  The carbohydrates in honey (i.e. the natural sugars) are what cause crystallization. All raw honey, the key word here being raw, is naturally going to crystallize overRead More

Limited Release: Knotweed Raw Honey

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For many, the name Knotweed rings a bell, and not necessarily in a good way. A pesky invasive species that ecologists would like to eradicate entirely, this plant offers a surprising benefit to bees at a time when pollen is particularly hard to come by. What we found even more surprising was just how deliciousRead More

News from the Sugarbush: February Updates

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Temperatures are fluctuating and that means the sap has started to run! We’re back with our woods director, Scott St. Onge, for an update on how the early sugaring season is shaping up: With the warm weather, the sap has been flowing which has our woods crew switching gears from tapping (that is, putting spoutsRead More

Spotlight On: Cocoa Bean Infused Maple Syrup

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This January, chocolate and maple come together for one of our most popular limited releases. Cocoa Bean Infused Maple Syrup is back by popular demand! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is the time to show that special someone you really care. Sure, you could just pick up another box of chocolates orRead More

Community Feature: Robin Karides, a.k.a. The House Mouse

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The House Mouse – Garden Butterfly Tea Party
We really enjoy seeing our products in the wild, especially in the hands of creative people. We noticed an amateur mixologist, Robin Karides, a.k.a. @TheHouseMouse, on Instagram was concocting some incredible cocktails with our maple and honey. She not only has inventive drinks and gorgeous pictures of them, but there is always a short storyRead More

News from the Sugarbush: January Updates

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The sugarbushes are bustling in Cambridge and Bolton. We caught up with our woods director, Scott St. Onge, for an update on how the sugaring season is kicking off. “Both Cambridge and Bolton crews have been tapping since the start of January. We have had some interesting weather thus far with a rollercoaster of temperaturesRead More

Cold Weather Cocktails 101: The Hot Toddy

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Here in northwestern Vermont we just got our first big snow storm that left us 14 fluffy inches of the white stuff. This weekend will see temperatures of -15 F with a bit of wind to make sure you can’t ignore it. While many would say, “no thank you” to such weather, we see itRead More

New Year 2022: A Note from our Founders

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New Years Cocktail Img
HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM RUNAMOK! A Note from our Founders: How to sum up 2021? Hopeful. Frustrating. Just when it seemed we were heading for better times, covid would throw another curve ball and upend our plans. We had a very nice month or two without masks at the plant this summer before Delta hadRead More

Limited Release: Basswood Blossom Raw Honey

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Basswood Blossom Raw Honey: Tasting Notes The first of our Limited Release honeys, our Basswood Blossom Honey is a raw, varietal honey that is reminiscent of spring. It seems mild at first taste, but then blooms into a complex, sweet flavor that is bright and minty. Use this honey for tea or on lighter cheeses,Read More

Holiday Hosting Guide

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The holidays are a time to relax, reflect, and enjoy time with loved ones. If you’re hosting this holiday season, it is probably because you’re looking forward to inviting your friends and family over for a shared meal and revelry. In practice, however, preparing a sumptuous feast for a group can feel like the oppositeRead More

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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Holiday Gift Guide
The holiday season is upon us, and this year is certainly looking different than the last. In that time we’ve learned some valuable lessons that we won’t be quick to forget: how to find unique ways to stay connected with loved ones near and far, the importance of shopping small and supporting the local businessRead More

Meet our bee guide: Todd Hardie

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Todd Hardie has been instrumental in educating us about bees and honey. Considered the bee guru of the north country, we are very lucky to have him as a guide in this field, that we are learning is complex and fascinating. He has taught us what to look for in the different flavors you mightRead More

Producer Spotlight: Winter Apiaries

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The Winter family have been producing honey and providing pollination services for over 50 years. Run by Bonnie, Wayne, their son Dan, and other family members, they manage 2,000 to 2,500 hives that they move throughout the year. The summer months are spent at their home in Wolcott, New York and the winter season isRead More

6 Ways to Use Our Coffee Infused Maple Syrup

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Our Coffee Infused Maple Syrup is the perfect pairing of two bold flavors. Combining the caramel sweetness of maple with coffee’s nuanced chocolate and almond, we’ve created a flavor entirely different from all others. Use it on your morning waffles, make the ultimate coffee-milk (ask someone from Rhode Island) or drizzle it over vanilla iceRead More