Year in Review: A look back at 2023

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It is with immense gratitude that we say

to our customers, partners, friends, and collaborators for your input, support, and mutual love of Runamok…

We wish you a happy new year ahead!




Sugaring season starts strong with a geat woods crewDry January; American Vinegar Works collaboration
February 2
Season looked promising, but the weather was either too hot or too cold and sap runs were small
March 2
Vermont Saffron Honey launches; Gesine Bullock-Prado’s cookbook is released, featuring Runamok in several recipes
Our New Flavor Contest Winner Salted Caramel Maple is announced; WhistlePig Barrel-Aged Maple wins a Good Food Award
May 2
Maple Grenadine is released; Poor season for Tupelo and Orange Blossom drastically impacts honey crop
June 2
A hot air balloon touches down with a delivery of Sparkle Syrup; Pollinator Week
Fourth of July Parade; Devastating flooding across Vermont
August 2
Runamok community members highlighted their maple and honey barbecue recipes
September 2
We celebrated National Honey Month in partnership with bee-friendly Vermont brands
Salted Caramel + Sugarmaker’s Dark release; Spruce Peak dinner featuring Runamok in every course
Great store partners including The Met, The Breakers in Palm Beach, and NYC Commando pop up in SoHo
December 2
The return of our Chamberlain Coffee collaboration; Busy, busy, busy holiday season…
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