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National Honey Month Giveaway

A bee-friendly Vermont giveaway in celebration of National Honey Month this September, featuring:

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Honey Month Giveaway Prize Pack


Thanks for playing! We will announce a winner by the end of the week (9/22)


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This National Honey Month, we’ve joined forces with a crew of fantastic bee-focused Vermont brands to bring you one sweet giveaway!

The prize pack, valued at over $300, includes:


  • American Meadows
    Shelburne, Vt.

    American Meadows is a garden supplier on a mission to help you reimagine the traditional lawn & grow a space that’s better for you, your community, and the world. Their innovative wildflower seed mixes, pre-planned perennial gardens and lawn alternatives are a go-to for gardeners shopping online. With 25 years of experience and 150,000 happy customers, they are the authority in meadowscaping.

    “At American Meadows, our purpose is Doing Good Through Gardening. We know that gardening and meadowscaping positively impact people of all ages, improving our personal wellness, helping us build relationships with nature, strengthening our communities, supporting pollinators, and improving the environment.”

  • Barr Hill Caledonia
    Montpelier, Vt.

    Landcrafted in the heart of Vermont, Barr Hill by Caledonia Spirits seeks to unlock the true flavors of the land, honor the hard work of the farmer, and to preserve the beautiful biodiversity of forest and farmland.

    “Barr Hill Gin is our ode to the hardworking bees of the Northeast. At Barr Hill we are on a mission to produce flawless, Landcrafted spirits that support our hardworking agricultural landscape. We strive to leave the lands and the rivers better than we found them, to leave our communities stronger, our pollinator populations healthier and our local farms more vibrant.”

  • Bees Wrap
    Middlebury, Vt.

    Bee’s Wrap is a reusable, natural alternative to single-use plastic wrap, bags, and aluminum foil. From storing food in the kitchen to packing sandwiches and snacks on the go, Bee’s Wrap provides a sustainable way to keep food fresh.

    “Bee’s Wrap is handmade in Vermont with organic cotton, beeswax, organic plant oil, and tree resin. Offering a durable yet flexible plastic wrap alternative Bee’s Wrap can be used again and again for an entire year or more. Once the wraps reach the end of their useful life they can be composted or used as a natural fire starter avoiding the contribution of plastic waste to landfills or oceans. “

  • Runamok logo
    Fairfax, Vt.

    Runamok is a family-owned, Vermont based company that started with a foundation of premium, organic maple syrup and has expanded to an array of maple and honey-based products.

    “Honey is a wild harvested product. As it is with sugaring, every season is entirely unique and the production is only possible with hours of hard work. Honeybees play a crucial role in our food systems and are increasingly threatened from loss of habitat and the use of pesticides. Like with our sugarbushes, we’re focusing on how our business can have a positive impact on the local ecology as much as the end consumer. The way we see it, both maple and honey are products that work for a better environment and not against it.”

  • V Smiley Preserves
    Bristol, Vt.

    V Smiley Preserves makes tiny-batch honey-sweetened jams, marmalades, and conserves made in Bristol, Vermont at Minifactory, a cafe, bar and jam manufactory. V Smiley forges relationships with other local growers and, along with her partner, cultivates the fresh, juicy produce that makes her preserves.

    “I make jam with honey because I love its taste, but for preserves it’s not the classical choice. Honey is a powerful preservative and sweetener that comes from nearby and is intrinsically linked to the fruit-growing process. Conceptually, I like that as a pollinator the honeybee provides everything we need to make fruit preserves.”

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Bees Knees Week is coming up Sept 22 – Oct 01:
Drink a Bees Knees. Share on Social Media. Barr Hill Plants 10sq/ft of New Bee Habitat!

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