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Sugarmaker’s Dark is sourced from a handful of our small-batch sugaring partners across the state of Vermont who are making syrup the old fashioned way: slow boiled over a wood-fired evaporator.

This March, our co-founder Laura Sorkin took a tour of Golden Dog Farm – one of our producer partners for Sugarmaker’s Dark – to see what goes into wood-fired maple syrup. Check out this 5-minute video tour of their sugarhouse and wood-firing process, then try some for yourself!

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WATCH: Golden Dog Farm sugarhouse tour video – YouTube (4:53)


What makes wood-fired maple syrup so special?

golden dog wood firing

Tradition at its finest – this is syrup made the old fashioned way.

Golden Dog Farm slow boils syrup in their wood-fired evaporator. This process takes longer than modern, oil-fired rigs to turn the sap into syrup, and the extra time over the flame brings out different characteristics and nuance.

Sugarmaking is very hard work (more on that labor of love here). Wood-firing requires an extra level of effort and attention – from stacking, splitting, and hauling firewood, stoking and monitoring the fire around the clock, and an substantial dose of patience – all to craft this small-batch specialty. We’re thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Grade A: Sugarmaker’s Dark vs. Sugarmaker’s Cut

golden dog maple grading

Pure Maple Syrup is graded on four characteristics: color, clarity, density, and flavor. Early season maple syrup is naturally lighter in color with a more delicate flavor, getting darker in color and richer in flavor as the season progresses.

Our signature Sugarmaker’s Cut is peak-season Grade A: Amber Color, Rich Taste maple syrup – classic and versatile.

Sugarmaker’s Dark is late season Grade A: Dark Color, Robust Taste – a bolder flavor for maple fanatics. It’s perfect for packing flavor on pancakes, into baking, cocktails, and more.

About Golden Dog Farm

Golden Dog Farm is a family-owned organic farm just down the road from our own sugarbush in Cambridge, Vermont. In addition to producing organic maple syrup, honey, fruit, berries and nuts – they have gained national attention for their “happy” of Golden Retrievers that inspired the Golden Dog Farm name and captured hearts with their Golden Retriever Experience playdates in their magnificent farm setting (check them out on Instagram!)


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