Sweet and Spicy Snacks for the Big Game

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“What Time does the Superbowl Start?”
“Who is in the Superbowl?”
“Who is playing the halftime show?”
“Where’s Taylor Swift?”

…We’re asking: what about the snacks?!

Our Hot + Spicy Maple Syrup and trio of Hot Honeys are the MVPs of our hosting kitchen this year. They go beyond generically “hot” flavors to bring unique pepper profiles, tons of flavorful heat, and a touch of sweetness. Stir them into a marinade or dip (like our sweet potato tahini dip), use as a finishing glaze (see soft pretzels), or drizzle them on everything from pizza, to chicken wings, to cheese plates, and more.


Soft Pretzels with sweet or spicy glaze. Get the recipe >

Kettle Corn with Salted Caramel Maple. Get the recipe >

Sweet Potato Dip with spicy chili drizzle. Get the recipe >

Fried Chicken with hot honey. Get the recipe >

Honey Butter with lemon and garlic. Get the recipe >

Baked Feta with elderberry maple syrup. Get the recipe >

Popovers with salted honey butter. Get the recipe >

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