10 Pancake Recipes to Celebrate National Pancake Day

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The origins of Pancake Day, celebrated this year on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, go back to Fat Tuesday (also known as Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, Carnival, etc. depending where you celebrate) as a final indulgence in rich foods before lent. Regardless of your religious persuasions, it’s always a good time to indulge in a celebration of pancakes. While pancake day parties may not be as raucous as the other celebration, we think it’s pretty good for a Tuesday…

If you haven’t begun planning for this delicious holiday, here’s your cue: order your selection of maple syrups, send out the invites, and gather around for the breakfast (or breakfast-for-dinner) event of the season – party hats optional. Let’s raise a whisk to the best breakfast food around.


Here are 10 pancake recipes to get the party started:



Birthday Pancake Cake

What better way to celebrate National Pancake Day – or any birthday, holiday, or Sunday – than with a pancake CAKE? Bon appetit!




These are cute, little rounded pancakes are a Danish tradition. Serve plain or stuffed with your favorite fillings like jam, chocolate, or cream cheese – topped with real Vermont maple, always.



Chocolate Banana Crepes

The new Cocoa Bean Infused will be excellent anywhere you might put chocolate syrup.  One of the first things that came to my mind was crepes with bananas. Dessert? Breakfast?  Why get hung up on labels?



Lot-o-grain Pancakes

Sometimes you need a breakfast that will fuel you up for an active day. These pancakes are packed with whole grains, nutrients, fiber, and flavor …and they’re fluffier than you might expect!



Vegan Coconut Cream Pancakes

Dietary restrictions? These vegan and gluten-free pancakes are perfect topped with whipped coconut cream and your favorite Runamok maple.



Japanese Souffle Pancakes

Looking to for ways to take your pancakes to the next level? These Japanese Souffle Pancakes use all the typical ingredients but the technique is a little different, and the results are divine.



Orange Poppyseed Pancakes with Whipped Ricotta

Elevate your stack or wow your guests with a few unique ingredients that take everyday pancakes from ordinary to extraordinary.



Dutch Pear, Baby

A German recipe which uses an English batter that was given a whimsical name by a child from Seattle and then copywrited – what could be more American? The addition of Vermont maple, of course.



Buckwheat Pancakes

Flavorful and hearty, this is a great pancake recipe with the addition of bananas to keep the pancake moist and delicious. A must-try with our coffee infused maple syrup.



Crepes with Caramelized Apples

Our friend Gesine Bullock-Prado uses our Cardamom Infused Maple for these apple crepes inspired by her childhood Sunday breakfast. This recipe is from her book, My Vermont Table.

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