Cardamom Infused Maple Syrup


Robust maple infused with a warm cardamom spice, if we were to choose the infused syrup that showed the most versatility it would have to be this one. Desserts, pancakes, stir frys, roasted vegetables, cocktails – this syrup is good for all.

Cardamom lovers take note: This spiced marvel will be retiring indefinitely in 2024 (I know, it pains us, too.) There will be no encore, so stock up while it’s still here!

    Product Details

    So many great spices go well with maple syrup but cardamom is one of our favorites.  We have made sure the spice shines through so you can add it to a cocktail or drizzle it over a favorite dish and taste just a bit of the cardamom.  Serve it as a seasoning for curry or add it to frosting for a sophisticated turn.