A Look Inside with Laura: Honey Varietals through the Seasons

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It is difficult to convey in words how different our raw honey varietals are in flavor…

On each product page, we have offered some taste comparisons to help, but another way to explain our honey is in seasonality. Just as maple syrup changes in color and flavor throughout the sugaring season, honey also changes in character from spring to fall.



early seasonEARLY SEASON

Honey produced in June is generally lighter and milder. For the ones that we offer, clover and basswood are both early summer honeys. High Plains Clover has a mild, sweet flavor that is perfect in tea or baked goods. Basswood Blossom is almost minty, with a bright taste that is terrific drizzled on fruit and goat cheese.



peak season


Our signature raw honey, Beekeeper’s Cut, is harvested in late summer when northeastern wildflowers are abundant. Bees feast on echinacea, rudbeckia, joe pye weed, aster, goldenrod, and more. This creates a rich and complex nectar that is ideal on just about anything.




late season


And lastly, our Knotweed raw honey is like a decadent caramel. The bees get their fill on knotweed flowers, which are one of the few remaining wildflowers at the end of the season. The result is a dark honey that is a little malty with notes of brown sugar. This is a good one to enjoy on toast to appreciate all of its nuance.



We hope you will enjoy trying these different raw honeys to experience the amazing variety of flavors they offer. If you need further guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out.



Laura Sorkin is co-founder of Runamok and has used her culinary background to develop some of our most beloved flavors and recipes. More inside looks with Laura.

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