6 Apple Brandy Barrel-Aged Maple Recipes for Fall

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One of our most popular seasonal limited releases, Apple Brandy Barrel-aged Maple Syrup is a true autumn delight. With similar vanilla notes like our Bourbon Barrel-aged, but with a definitive apple finish. It’s a go-to for breakfast favorites (so good on waffles on a chilly mornings), but also has a number of other uses from desserts and baking to apple brandy-inspired cocktails.


Apple Almond Cake - A traditional French cake rich with almond flavor, dotted with apples and a gooey filling similar to that in almond croissants. Full Recipe >


French Toast Milkshake - Ready to get cozy for fall, but not ready to leave summertime treats behind? This milkshake is for you! Full Recipe >


Maple Mummy Cookies - A fun festive design for halloween, the maple flavor will be subtle in the cookie but really shines in the glaze. Full Recipe >


Coconut Cream Pancakes - These vegan and gluten-free pancakes are perfect topped with whipped coconut cream and barrel-aged maple. Full Recipe >


Doffins - A donut-muffin hybrid, you can skip the frying – these are baked in the oven then dunked in butter, maple, and cinnamon. Full Recipe >


Maple Marshmallows - There is magic that happens when mixing sugar, heat, air, and gelatin into the pillowy wonder that is a marshmallow. Full Recipe >


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