Recipes: What We’re Making This Spring

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We’re still riding out the tail end of sugaring season here in Northern Vermont, but in the kitchen, we’ve moved on to warmer seasons.  From maple-sweetened treats to honey’s delicate floral notes, we’re rediscovering the flavors of spring.

See what we’ve been making this month:



Azalea Cocktail

Early April has us reaching for our grenadine and lemonade to celebrate the pink spring blooms that inspired this cocktail. It may be the signature drink of the annual Masters Tournament at Augusta, but you don’t have to be a golf fan to appreciate this iconic cocktail.


Maple and Orange Tea Cake

It’ll be a few more months until we are into fresh fruit season in Vermont, so we rely on winter citrus to bring a fresh pop of flavor to bridge the gap during the spring months. Using maple in place of the plain old sugar takes the orange flavor to another level, and the not-too-sweet tea cake is perfect for an afternoon snack after enjoying some sunshine.



Fig, Honey, Goat Cheese Bites

These fig, honey, goat cheese bites are an easy appetizer and infinitely customizable paired with any of our raw or infused honeys (try dried figs or another fruit if you can’t find fresh figs). The combination of tangy goat cheese and floral honey is a lovely treat anytime of year!



Chocolate Mousse

This is a scrumptious recipe for vegan Chocolate Mousse from our friend, Diana Goldman at Beantown Kitchen. Here she uses maple syrup as an extra sweetener to enrich the flavors of chocolate and vanilla.



Vermont Sweet and Tangy Cornbread

This is a great rendition of cornbread, made just a tad sweet with our Sugarmaker’s Cut or Sugarmaker’s Dark pure maple. Try it topped with an extra serving of Runamok honey butter to pair with anything off the grill for some early-season al fresco dining.



Burrata Salad

Burrata has been something of an “it food” the past few years, showing up on menus and instagram feeds everywhere. Delicate outside and creamy inside, it is definitely the star of the show, so we decided to keep this simple with a bed of fresh spring greens and Runamok honey vinaigrette.



Kefir and Honey Cake

This recipe comes from Danielle at Coco et Sel, (@cocoetsel on Instagram) who has shared a number of delicious and creative – and beautiful – ways to enjoy Runamok maple and honey! This is inspired by a milk and honey cake, and is wonderful for spring with wholesome ingredients and a light honey cream topping.



Maple Rhubarb Sling

Spring is here which means our favorite mix of ingredients is available: maple and rhubarb. This is the ultimate combo, with sweet maple being the yin to sour rhubarb’s yang. Better yet, put it in a cocktail.

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