Camping Recipes for the Great Outdoors

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Going Camping? Don’t forget to pack your Runamok…

From syrup-soaked griddle cakes for breakfast to smoked old fashioned campfire cocktails at night, a delicious adventure awaits!

If you’re hitting the trails for camping and hiking this summer, don’t forget to pack the Runamok. Start your day off right with our traditional, smoked, barrel-aged, and infused maple syrups ā€“ versatile forĀ pancakes, oatmeal, andĀ your morning coffee. Honey is the perfect afternoon snack to keep your energy up, paired with apples, cheese, crackers, nuts, and more. Relax by the fire with our all-natural, maple-based cocktail mixers that are a breeze to use and perfect for mixing up tasty craft cocktails on the go!

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Campfire Pancakes - Bring along your favorite mix, or try these lot-o-grain pancakes for a hearty recipe... Either way, syrup is essential. Get the Recipe >

Vermont Breakfast Sandwich - Start your day with this maple-drizzled campfire classic. Get the Recipe >
Fireside Toddy - Our Smoked Old Fashioned Mixer is perfect with a shot of bourbon, or add tea to warm up when the temps drop. Get the Recipe >

Tapper's Tonic - Try our classic Maple Tonic or new Sparkle Tonic for a drink that's simple, delicious, and refreshing. Cheers! Get the Recipe >
Maple Granola - A staple of the great outdoors, make ahead and take along for an easy anytime snack. Get the Recipe >


Our full line of maple syrup, cocktail mixers, and premium honeys are delicious, easy to use, durably packaged, and come in a range of sizes ā€“ perfect for taking on the go! IfĀ car campingĀ affords you the luxury of space, our full sized bottles of maple syrup and cocktail mixers are perfect for feeding the whole crew. If you’reĀ packingĀ in and outĀ our sample size pairing collections are light weight, easy to pack, and contain a few servings per bottle to go a long way.


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