Honey 101: What Is Raw Honey?

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Our raw honey is about as close as you can get to tasting honey straight from the bee hive…

Seriously! This is special stuff. When we decided to expand Runamok into nature’s other exquisite sweetener, we knew we had to start with the highest quality honeys we could possibly source. We dove head-first into a two-year search and have come out with partners who we believe are the best in the biz.

What is Raw Honey? 

Raw honey is honey in its natural state – carefully handled to preserve the original nutrients. It is only lightly heated, not to exceed the natural temperature within a hive (as too much heat kills the living enzymes in honey), and unfiltered to retain the pollen and propolis that make honey such a desirable superfood!

Isn’t all honey the same?

On the contrary! Unlike your typically pasteurized teddy bear honey – often a clover variety – raw honeys are incredibly diverse depending on the region, climate, and what the bees are feeding on. That’s why we can offer such a wide range – from intensely floral Raw Wildflower honey, dark and nutty Knotweed raw honey, to bright, minty Basswood Blossom raw honey. The difference is truly remarkable.

Why are Runamok honeys not certified orgnaic?

Like maple syrup, honey is a true wild-harvested product. Unlike maple syrup, honey bees can travel up to 5 miles from their hive in search of food, making it nearly impossible in the U.S. to ensure that they only feed from certified organic flowers. The USDA does not have a standard for certifying any U.S.-produced honey as organic – so any certified organic honey on the market is imported. Instead, we have chosen to prioritize raw and local honey, sourced from responsible U.S. producers who practice environmentally-conscious beekeeping techniques.

Where does Runamok raw honey come from?

Each of our raw varietal honeys represent a specific taste of place, like the terroir of a wine or the cave-age of a cheese. We source each.of our unique varieties domestically from small apiaries across the U.S. Our Florida Orange Blossom Raw Honey comes from Florida; our Beekeeper’s Cut Raw Wildflower Honey comes from Vermont; our High Plains Clover Raw Honey comes from the high plains of Montana and Wyoming… you get the picture.

What they all have in common, however, is thoughtful sourcing and a dedicated effort to secure the best quality (and best flavor) honey each season from small-scale family apiaries who practice sustainable and responsible beekeeping. We are proud to have developed close relationships with our producer partners and in the wider beekeeping community through the guidance of veteran Vermont beekeeper and Runamok’s official “bee guide,” Todd Hardie. This spring, our co-founders Eric and Laura traveled with Todd down to Florida to meet with our beekeepers in the area to secure a new season’s crop of Florida Orange Blossom Honey and to foster strong partnerships so we can continue to bring you the best honey available year after year (check out their trip in our Bee Safari video series here).

To learn more about our raw, infused, and hot honeys check out more honey 101 features on our blog, or head over to our honey webstore to try them for yourself!

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