6 Ways to Use Our Coffee Infused Maple Syrup

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Our Coffee Infused Maple Syrup is the perfect pairing of two bold flavors. Combining the caramel sweetness of maple with coffee’s nuanced chocolate and almond, we’ve created a flavor entirely different from all others. Use it on your morning waffles, make the ultimate coffee-milk (ask someone from Rhode Island) or drizzle it over vanilla iceRead More

News from the Sugarbush: Summer 2021 in the Sugarbush

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  If the sugaring season is winter and spring, what goes on in the sugarbush during the rest of the year? It depends on the size of your operation but for a larger outfit like ours, the summer and fall are for maintenance. We have over 700 miles of tubing snaking throughout the woods andRead More

Maple Syrup 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Maple syrup has been beloved and shared by Vermonters for generations, but not everyone has caught on. Discovered by Native Americans and passed down through generations, maple syrup is quickly becoming one of the most common natural sweeteners in the world. Everyone knows how good maple syrup is on pancakes, but few know how manyRead More

12 Ways to Use Our Maple Cocktail Syrups and Bitters

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Here at Runamok, we have been creating cocktails using our infused and smoked syrups since we started production. A bit of maple with a little of this and a little of that made for an easy base in which to add a shot of our favorite spirit and create the best cocktails we’ve ever tried.Read More

Maple Syrup 101: Tapping Maple Trees

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Here in maple country, we take for granted that everyone knows how maple syrup is made. Most Vermont kids will visit a sugarhouse at least once in their elementary school years and given the small state, most people know someone connected to the industry. This is why we might stand there with blank stares ifRead More

10 Ways to Use Our Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

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We start with our best organic maple syrup and age it in recently emptied Bourbon barrels. The syrup draws in the essence of the Bourbon without the alcohol. Like premium whiskeys, the process takes time, and careful tending. But the result is a sophisticated duo that will become a new classic. Here are our 10Read More

10 Ways to Use Our Cinnamon + Vanilla Infused Maple Syrup

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Why argue with a good thing? There is a reason why maple, vanilla and cinnamon are so often used together: they are delicious. We tested both the vanilla and cinnamon from numerous regions around the globe until we found the perfect balance of flavors. Our Cinnamon and Vanilla Infused Maple Syrup is great on justRead More

Behind the Bar: Bitters 101 – An Introduction

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We are so excited to introduce our new line of maple-based bitters. Bitters have been around for centuries as medicinal digestifs and have gradually come to be more commonly used as an ingredient for cocktails. Most often made with an alcohol base* to coax flavors out of herbs, roots, and spices, we’ve added a touchRead More

11 Mouth-Wateringly Delicious Maple Dessert Recipes

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Everyone knows that maple syrup is great on pancakes but it is also an excellent sweetener in all sorts of desserts and pastries. Here are some of our favorites from the Runamok recipe collection that really show its range. From decadent, gooey Pudding Chomeur to classic Apple Crisp, these dessert recipes show how easy itRead More

6 of Our Best-Selling Infused Maple Syrups

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Runamok Infused Maple Syrup
At Runamok, we are often asked what our favorite infused maple syrup is, but how can one answer? It would be like picking a favorite child – impossible. Our customers have their favorites, however, which we can see on our sales charts. By far our best selling infused syrup is Cinnamon+Vanilla and it would beRead More

Maple Oatmeal Recipes

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Oatmeal is wholesome and nutritious… and a little boring. It needs some assertive flavors to turn it into a meal you would look forward to. Consider Runamok your ally to keeping your breakfast healthy AND delicious. Our pure maple syrup is organic and all natural as are the ingredients we use for our infusions, soRead More

4 Pantry Staple Recipes You Can Make Without Running to the Store

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A big, big thank you for those who head out every day to keep our vital services and hospitals going.  For the majority of us, however, we are staying home and keeping trips to the store to a minimum.  That means facing the pantry and fridge with a daily calculation: ‘I’ve got A but don’tRead More

COVID-19 Update

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3/27/20 Runamok Maple is in full operation. Production is currently running Monday through Thursday and our fulfillment team is working Monday through Friday 8-4. Our sugaring team is still working the woods and boiling regularly. Office staff is working remotely and is accessible through phone (802.849.7943) and email ([email protected]). If you have any questions, pleaseRead More