On Trend: Hibiscus is Having its Moment

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Hibiscus Maple and Honey

When we first began infusing bright, tart, tropical hibiscus into our traditional Vermont maple syrup it was a bit of a shock to many maple purists. Today – while still a novel idea in maple – hibiscus is finally getting the celebration we think it has always deserved!

According to reputable sources like ForbesMashed, and the New York Times:
Hibiscus is on trend to be THE hottest flavor of 2022.

We are here with not one but two ways to enjoy this trending flavor, infused into nature’s best sweeteners –  Hibiscus Infused Maple Syrup and Hibiscus Infused Honey.

From the Test Kitchen

Hibiscus pops with flavor as bright as its magenta color. With tangy notes of raspberry and lemon, it takes the sweetness of honey and maple and bumps them up a notch so it is reminiscent of your favorite hard candy. The result is an intense, tangy, ruby red treat that is great in cocktails or over desserts.

Blueberry Banana Smoothie: This six-ingredient smoothie packed with whole foods highlights hibiscus' natural flavor affinity with blueberry.

Fennel Hibiscus Chutney: A bright mint chutney with a fruity, acidic punch of hibiscus, it is a perfect pairing for grilled lamb.

Garden Hibiscus Maple Cocktail: Gin, ginger beer, hibiscus, and floral bitters come together for a refreshing and beautiful garden cocktail.

Kefir and Honey Cake: Layered with a honey cream and topped with fresh berries, this is the perfect warm weather cake with a light floral flavor.

Hibiscus Honey Macarons: The tangy flavor of the hibiscus cuts through the sweetness of the sugar, giving the macaron a brighter flavor.

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