Snow Globe Sparkle Syrup


This seasonal version of Sparkle Syrup® beckons feelings of Vermont in the winter and cozy holidays at home. We’ve taken our best-selling Sparkle Syrup and given it a new, winter-inspired label that you’re sure to fall in love with.

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Tasting Notes

Sparkle Syrup is our grade A Vermont maple syrup infused with pearlescent mica sparkle. The sparkles are a superfine mineral powder that impart no texture or flavor – just our pure amber rich maple with an added bit of fun!

Recommended Uses

Sparkle Syrup was created with one sole purpose: to make you smile. From pancakes to cocktails, use anywhere regular maple syrup applies to transform your favorite food or drinks with this shimmering bottle of pure maple syrup infused with our signature sparkles. It’s basically bottled magic.


Our pearlescent mica is ethically sourced from North America and is certified food safe for consumption by the FDA.


Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, Mica-based Pearlescent Pigment

    Runamok is a family-owned and operated specialty foods company based in Northwestern Vermont. All products are made at our facility in Fairfax, Vermont.

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    We are committed to sustainability. We operate two certified organic, certified Bird-Friendly maple sugarbushes in northeastern Vermont, and source from family-operated sugarbushes across the state. Our syrup is bottled in our solar-powered production facility and shipped in low-waste packaging.

    Sparkle Syrup is Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, is naturally gluten free, and is vegan friendly. The mica used in our Sparkle Syrup is ethically sourced from North America and is approved by the FDA for use in food.

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    What’s in a Label?

    When we’re crafting a new product, it doesn’t just stop at sourcing the best ingredients. We put an equal amount of love into our label design, and we’re particularly excited to share this one with you.

    We don’t want you to miss a thing, so let’s break it down with a closer look:

    • It’s a wonderland of dazzling sparkles suspended in liquid that comes to life with every shake… who would have guessed that each bottle of Sparkle Syrup was its own perfect little snow globe all along?

    • It’s not just the sparkles that add snow to this wintery scene. As a Vermont-based company, we’re always dreaming of more fresh flakes – or, as the famed Vermont meteorologist and photographer Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley described them, “tiny miracles of beauty” – so we’ve added a few extras to our design for good measure.

    • Runamok began on 1,000 acres of sugarbush located on the backside of Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s tallest peak. While our company has certainly grown over the years, the home of our maple sugaring operation is still based right here on these slopes.

    • Some might see this as a cozy little cabin in the woods. We like to think of it as a sugarshack boiling fresh sap into syrup and billowing huge plumes of sweet maple steam out of the chimney… our favorite winter scene.

    • Even after a long day of tapping trees, our sugarmakers and woods crew make time for some good old-fashioned winter recreation!

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    Nutrition Facts

    The following information is provided for a single serving (2 tbsp or 30mL)

    Calories 110
    Total Fat 0g
    Sodium 5mg
    Total Carbohydrate 27g
    Total Sugars 24g
    Protein 0g
    Calcium 30mg
    Potassium 90mg
    Ingredients: Maple Syrup, Mica-based Pearlescent Pigment

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