Join the Pie Party: Sweet and Savory Pie Recipes for Fall

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Can you name a more quintessential fall food than fresh baked pie?
…Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

There is nothing more iconically autumn than pie, aside from maybe apples and pumpkins, which are really just pies waiting to happen.

Needless to say, we love pie here at Runamok. Thanksgiving pie, Christmas pie, weeknight dinner pie – it’s always a good time for this versatile delight! Our traditional and infused maple syrups and honeys never fail to add the right touch of robust flavor and make the perfect all-natural sweetener for pies both sweet and savory. After ample experimentation, we wanted to share a few of our favorite recipes to take you from dinner to dessert (with a side of Smoked Maple Old Fashioned, please).



Autumn Harvest Galette


Apple Maple Tart Tatin


Straightforward Maple Pumpkin Pie


Classic and Simple Apple Crisp


Pumpkin Hot Honey Pizza Pie


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