Easy Summer Cocktails & Mocktails

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Meet our favorite (and easiest!) three-ingredient summertime drinks…

While our infused maple, honey, and cocktail collections are fabulous for elevating your food and beverages to new heights – not everything has to be so complex. We’ve spent years developing flavor profiles that are robust, bright, and balanced, bringing the flavor to you. Our syrups and honeys make whipping up a quick drink on a hot summer day a simple and breezy affair, giving you more time to kick back and soak in the sunshine.

Check out our list of non-alcoholic and boozy summertime favorites that are simple, delicious, and perfect for any day of the week.


Maple Lemonade - The standard for summer quenchers, this lemonade is a step up from the traditional version, totally customizable, and oh so refreshing! Full Recipe >

Elevated Iced Coffee - No need to run out for your daily caffeine fix (in this economy?). Our infused maple elevates your average cup of joe to something spectacular right from home. Full Recipe >

Maple Bourbon Smash - A shot of sparkles and some tart lemon juice transform bourbon into a summer barbecue's best friend... Full Recipe >
go-to Summer Seltzer - The best way to liven up your summertime hydration routine is with a shot of flavor and a twist of fresh fruit – instant classic. Full Recipe >

Honey Sweet Tea - Everyone knows a pitcher of homemade sweet tea is summer hospitality 101 – add some raw or infused honey for a bright and floral drink to beat the heat. Full Recipe >

Shimmering Champagne Cocktail - Champagne is always sparkly, but we’ve given it some extra shine with a hit of Sparkle Syrup, and floral bitters for balance. Full Recipe >


Looking to level up your beverage game?

If you’re looking for something a bit more elevated – perhaps for a special occasion or just to treat yourself when you have a bit of extra time on your hands – here are a few more fun, fruity recommendations (requiring just a bit of extra prep or special ingredients) to keep you cool and wow your guests this summer.

  • Honey Mango Lassi: Creamy, fruity, and sweet, the lassi is a yogurt-based drink from India meant to cool you off on a hot day. This one includes mango and your choice of Runamok Honey.
  • Summer Garden Mule: This is a very refreshing, low alcohol drink using our Runamok Ginger Mule mix. The mint and cucumber reign in the sweetness and the ginger and lime give it some zing. You can add or subtract the amount of vodka to your liking.
  • Strawberry Frosé: This cocktail is fruity, refreshing and downright cheerful. Make a large batch of the strawberry puree mixture and then top with chilled, sparkling rosé  (or regular Champagne) as needed for each drink.
  • Blackberry Honey Lemonade: This is a summer refresher that takes advantage of fresh berries. If you don’t have access to blackberries, strawberries, raspberries or blueberries would be a good substitute.


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