Maple Oatmeal Recipes

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Oatmeal is wholesome and nutritious… and a little boring. It needs some assertive flavors to turn it into a meal you would look forward to. Consider Runamok your ally to keeping your breakfast healthy AND delicious. Our pure maple syrup is organic and all natural as are the ingredients we use for our infusions, so you can keep your commitment to good health. Add fruit, nuts, or seeds and you’ve got an excellent start to your day. 

Start with plain oatmeal.  There are many different types, all of which require different cooking times.  (Here is a handy guide). We recommend steel cut oats or rolled oats because they cook quickly yet still retain most of their nutrition.  Follow the cooking instructions on the package and serve warm. We are partial to a splash of whole milk or cream in addition, but that is optional.

Here are a few of our favorite combinations. 

Oatmeal isn’t bland – it is the canvas upon which you put your favorite flavors… with a little help from Runamok.

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