Maple: The Complete Collection

From $199.95

From $199.95

Why choose a couple when you could have the whole collection? Our Complete Collection features every 250ml bottle in our everyday lineup.

An amazing (and beautiful) addition to any pantry and an exceptional gift.

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Product Details

  Sometimes it's hard to choose just one....or, for that matter just four.  For those of you who want to try it all, or are shopping for someone who already has everything, we offer you our full lineup of Runamok Maple syrups. The Complete Runamok Collection includes our entire selection of twelve (12) barrel-aged, infused and smoked maple syrups in our attractive 250ml glass bottles. We also include a full set of our recipe cards. As an option, these are available in 4 elegant gift boxes. This is a perfect gift for a family or friend who is passionate about cooking, entertaining and, most of all, Vermont maple syrup. * Includes:
  • Bourbon Barrel-Aged
  • Rum Barrel-Aged
  • Cardamom Infused
  • Cinnamon+Vanilla Infused
  • Elderberry Infused
  • Ginger Root Infused
  • Hibiscus Infused
  • Makrut Lime-Leaf Infused
  • Merquén Infused
  • Pecan Wood Smoked
  • Coffee Infused
  • Sugarmaker's Cut
*If we are temporarily out of stock of a certain product, we may substitute one of our limited release products as part of the complete collection.