Black Jelly Bean Spiced Maple Syrup


The black jelly bean has forever been the Easter basket’s most polarizing piece of candy. In honor of the select palates who revel in this confectionary outsider, we bring you Black Jelly Bean Spiced Maple Syrup. The first release of our Nostalgia Series, Black Jelly Bean Spiced Maple Syrup uses only three natural, organic ingredients to perfectly capture the flavor of this drugstore classic. 

    Product Details

    Black Jelly Beans; as a child you either loved them or surreptitiously passed them into a sibling’s Easter basket. For those who still adore them, read on. Black Jelly Bean Spiced Maple Syrup is the first release of our Nostalgia Series. Like our other products, this maple syrup is made with the highest quality, organic ingredients. Yet it will take you back to the delight of those drugstore black jelly beans that were neither gourmet nor all natural, just delicious.  It is uncanny how just three ingredients can taste so much like the original. We make this with maple syrup, anise seed and licorice root - nothing else. As it turns out, licorice is a perfect compliment to the buttery, caramel nature of maple syrup. It is terrific on pancakes and waffles but we have also found some other surprising uses for it in cocktails and pastry that we will be unrolling on our website. Black jelly bean fans have faced a lifetime of wincing and all around hating on their favorite Easter treat. This syrup is a celebration of black licorice in all of its complexity and those who stood their ground and said, “Let the toddlers have the pink and green jelly beans. I’ll take the black ones, thank you.”