Super Bowl Recipes for the Big Game

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Score Big with these Fan Favorites!

As football season heads into its final week, it’s not too late to call an audible and substitute your usual game day staples with some promising new recruits. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite recipes to serve up during the big game. Whether you or your watch team are craving something hearty, light, savory, sweet, or spicy, these recipes are a guaranteed win.

Soft Pretzels with Sweet or Mustard Dip - This is bar food at its sweet and salty best. Full Recipe >

Sweet Potato and Tahini Dip - A rich and satisfying dip laced with a swirl of our smoky Merquén Infused Maple Syrup.  Full Recipe >

Maple Chili Squash Fries - These squash fries turn out sweet and mildly spicy. Perfect for sharing... or not. Full Recipe >

Cardamom Maple Hot Wings - Crispy and tender with a cardamom warmth to balance. Serve with scallions, cilantro, and plenty of napkins. Full Recipe >

Grilled shrimp with Hot Honey - Our Chile de Arbol hot honey is perfect for anyone who likes their seafood with some kick. Full recipe >

Banana Bourbon Bites - Ice cream bites mixed with Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple and rolled in pecans or chocolate wafers. Full recipe >


If you are seeking a liquid refuel (or in need of a stiff drink at half time), our collection of cocktail mixers and bitters come in clutch. With flavor options to satisfy everyone, these mixers are balanced with everything you need to create your favorite cocktail at home.


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