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We’ve put together this social media kit to help you easily spread the word about Runamok honey and National Honey Month to your social media audience. Included below are copy and images about Runamok, our brand, and our products to help you get started. Feel free to use these captions as is, or edit together so that they are more relevant to your store brand, your in-house Runamok product line, and your customers…

Don’t forget to tag us (Runamok Maple on Facebook, @runamokmaple on Instagram, @runamokvt on TikTok) so we can re-share.
Use the hashtags #runamokhoney #nationalhoneymonth to keep the conversation going.

As always, please feel free to reach out us with questions and feedback, or if there is anything else we can provide. Email [email protected] anytime.


  • Brief Introduction
    “Have you tried Runamok Honey yet? This family-owned Vermont brand has taken their passion for quality, innovation, and culinary exploration and channeled that into their new line of raw, infused, and hot honeys with excellent results! Stop in to try some today. @runamokmaple #runamokhoney #nationalhoneymonth”

    National Honey Month
    “September is National Honey Month. Come celebrate with us and try some of our great Runamok honey products in stock now, like [insert Runamok Honeys in stock]. @runamokmaple #runamokhoney #nationalhoneymonth”

    Brand Spotlight
    “Producer Spotlight: Runamok is a family-owned, Vermont based company known for producing exceptional maple syrup and honey products. With elegant packaging, innovative flavor profiles, and the highest quality ingredients, they take a playful approach to serious food. This National Honey Month, we’re spotlighting their line of raw, infused, and hot honeys. Runamok has sourced truly unique honey varieties from family-run apiaries across the U.S. Their raw honey is carefully harvested and handled to keep it about as close as you can get to tasting honey straight from the hive. Their infused and hot honeys are thoughtfully paired with all-natural ingredients for premium flavors. Try some today – you’ll be glad you did! @runamokmaple #runamokhoney #nationalhoneymonth”

  • Raw Honey
    “Runamok’s line of raw honeys are about as close as you can get to tasting honey straight from the hive. They gently filter the honey, making sure to retain much of the original pollen and propolis, which provide raw honey many of its incredible medicinal qualities. Their full line of raw honeys includes unique varieties sourced from family apiaries across the U.S. – from Autumn Blossom Honey in New York and Orange Blossom from Florida, to more unique varieties like bright, minty Basswood and dark, nutty Knotweed. @runamokmaple #runamokhoney #nationalhoneymonth”

    Infused Honey
    “Spotlight: Runamok Infused Honeys. Runamok took their years of experience infusing maple syrup, and has applied it to honey with exceptional results. Once we landed on an herb or spice that blends beautifully with the floral notes of the honey, we sourced the highest quality, organic ingredients we could find. The resulting infusions are honeys that are more complex and delicious than the sum of two simple ingredients. @runamokmaple #runamokhoney #nationalhoneymonth”

    Hot Honey
    “THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL HOT HONEY. Forget one-note, hot-for-hot-sake honeys: Runamok has gone above and beyond, carefully selecting the perfect chili pepper pairings to deliver complex flavor to your honey. Their Chipotle Morita brings a bold, smoky flavor that elevates any dish with a tough of sweet and some decent heat. The Szechuan peppercorn doesn’t have the heat of a chili but brings a peppery snap that blends beautifully with sweet honey (it also brings the unmistakable tingling sensation that Szechuan is known for).  And the De Arbol is not messing around; it delivers the spice equal to a cayenne pepper with a smoky, fruity, earthy flavor. These honeys are excellent on fried chicken, grilled shrimp, pizza, sharp cheeses, and roasted vegetables. Grab a jar today! @runamokmaple #runamokhoney #nationalhoneymonth”

  • Grilled Shrimp with Hot Honey
    “Everyone knows that fried chicken with hot honey is the bomb, but we propose that grilled shrimp with hot honey is even better. Any of the Runamok Hot Honey options are excellent. The Morita enhances the smokiness of the grill. The piney flavor of the Szechuan Pepper is a nice contrast to the sweetness of the shrimp. And the De Arbol is perfect for anyone who likes their seafood with some kick. Stop by for a jar today! @runamokmaple #runamokhoney #nationalhoneymonth”
    Full Recipe Here

    Bee Sting Cake
    “Celebrate National Honey Month with this Runamok honey Bee Sting Cake – a nice example of how a little honey can add a unique sweetness to pastries. Try with any of our Runamok raw honeys. @runamokmaple #runamokhoney #nationalhoneymonth”
    Full Recipe Here

    Blackberry Honey Lemonade
    “Summer’s not over yet. Take advantage of the last of the seasons harvest with this summer refresher! Fresh blackberries (or strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries) mix with Runamok infused honey for the best lemonade you’ve ever had. Try Runamok Hibiscus Infused Honey for a tart and fruity treat, or Lemon Verbena for an herbal sweetness. @runamokmaple #runamokhoney #nationalhoneymonth”
    Full Recipe Here


Follow the link below to view our album of corresponding images and download your favorites!