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Basswood Blossom Raw Honey

Late spring/early summer means the Basswood trees are starting to blossom across the country. In celebration, we’ve chosen our incredible Basswood Blossom Raw Honey as our jar of May and June. Basswood Honey is a raw, varietal honey that seems mild at first taste, but then blooms into a complex, sweet flavor that is bright and minty. Use this honey for tea or on lighter cheeses, such as chèvre. It is excellent with fruit, especially apples. We also find its slight citrusy flavor makes for the perfect warm-weather cocktail like the Bees Knees.

Basswood Blossom Raw Honey by Runamok

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Our Previous Featured Honey

March and April’s jar was our newest honey release: Vermont Saffron Infused Honey. Saffron honey walks that line between sweet and savory dishes beautifully. Pour it over vanilla ice cream and top with pistachios. Drizzle it on cheddar or manchego cheese. Have it on hand to top grilled shrimp or broiled chicken. We’ve even enjoyed it in a rum-based Old Fashioned. We’ve been creating many more recipes, both simple and involved, to explore the many ways to use our new favorite honey so check out our recipe page and look for new entries regularly.

Vermont Saffron Infused Honey by Runamok