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Runamok Honey Club

Chile de Arbol Hot Honey

This March / April we’re spotlighting the hottest of our hot honeys: Chile de Arbol. Prepare yourself before tucking into this jar of honey, because it brings the heat! The de Arbol Chiles offer a spectacular flavor that is accompanied by an unmistakable bite. Bring a kick to margaritas by making a spicy simple syrup, drizzle the honey over pizza, use as a dip for fried chicken, glaze roasted veggies and more. Below we’ve laid out some of our favorite recipes/suggested uses:

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Our Previous Featured Honey

January and February’s jar was our Beekeeper’s Cut. This year’s batch of Beekeeper’s Cut was harvested in northern Vermont making this our first Vermont-sourced raw honey. Our signature raw honey, Beekeeper’s Cut is sweet and floral with a bright finish, perfect for toasts, yogurt, cheese, granola, fruit, and taking smoothies to the next level.