Sunset Collection: Maple Cocktail Mixers Gift Box


This gift box features 2 x 250ml bottles of our maple-based cocktail mixers (Maple Tonic and Maple Ginger Mule) and 1 x 100-ml bottle of our Floral Maple Bitters.

The perfect gift box for cocktail connoisseurs and at-home bartenders!

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Sold out!

What's in the Box?

– Maple Ginger Mule Cocktail Mixer

– Maple Tonic Cocktail Mixer

– Organic Floral Maple Bitters

How's it Packaged?

Our premium, hard-cover black gift boxes are assembled and labeled by hand at our Vermont facility. Inside the box recipients will find a custom-branded Runamok card and vellum covering, along with two premium maple-based cocktail mixers and one maple bitters.

Recommended Uses

Combine your alcohol of choice along with seltzer, sparkling water or soda water and you’ve got an instant tonic/mule cocktail. Leave out the booze and you’ve got a deliciously refreshing drink any time of the day!