Food Service – 1 Gallon Jug
Wholesale Only

We have our full lineup of products available in 1 gallon plastic jugs. Please see below for the full lineup of offerings and availability.

All offerings are certified organic unless otherwise noted. Get in touch for more information.

Please note: this product is available to wholesale customers only

    Product Details

    Available Varieties:


    Amber Color, Rich Flavor

    Dark Color, Robust Flavor

    Golden Color, Delicate Flavor (special order only)



    Cinnamon + Vanilla infused

    Cardamom infused

    Ginger infused

    Coffee infused

    Elderberry infused

    Hibiscus Flower infused

    Jasmine Tea infused

    Makrut Lime-leaf infused



    Bourbon barrel-aged

    Rum barrel-aged

    Whiskey barrel-aged



    Smoked with Pecan Wood Maple Syrup

    Smoked chili pepper infused (Merquen infused) - (not certified organic)