Food Service – 1 Gallon Jug

We have our full lineup of products available in 1 gallon plastic jugs. Please see below for the full lineup of offerings and availability.

All offerings are certified organic unless otherwise noted. Get in touch for more information.

    Product Details

    Available Varieties:


    Amber Color, Rich Flavor

    Dark Color, Robust Flavor

    Golden Color, Delicate Flavor (special order only)



    Cinnamon + Vanilla infused

    Cardamom infused

    Ginger infused

    Coffee infused

    Elderberry infused

    Hibiscus Flower infused

    Jasmine Tea infused

    Makrut Lime-leaf infused



    Bourbon barrel-aged

    Rum barrel-aged

    Whiskey barrel-aged



    Smoked with Pecan Wood Maple Syrup

    Smoked chili pepper infused (Merquen infused) - (not certified organic)