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Environmental Focus

At Runamok, we believe protecting the land is of utmost importance. Both maple and honey are gifts from nature and we endeavor to show our appreciation by protecting the natural world that is a foundation for each. Good maple syrup depends on healthy trees and so we protect the soil, encourage biodiversity, and treat the land we work on gently. Honey bees rely on areas full of pesticide-free flowers, both wild and cultivated. The quality of the honey is reflected in the array of food sources available to them and so we chose beekeepers who place their hives in healthy landscapes. 

The way we see it, both maple and honey are products that work for a better environment and not against it.

Every single tree in our sugarbush will act as the lungs for the biosphere, taking in excess carbon and breathing out oxygen. We love that we have a working landscape that provides not only one of the finest ingredients from North America but also a natural air filter that is tipping the carbon ratio in the right direction. And honey bees are vital components of a healthy ecology. Pollinators have been increasingly threatened by pesticides and habitat loss. Supporting beekeepers ensures that these important players in our environment and food system will continue to thrive. 

We know we can do more than just protect the land where our food sources come from so we try to think globally with every decision we make in production too. The solar panels on our product facility’s rooftop will reduce our carbon footprint. The post-infused ingredients and barrels we pass along to other food and beverage producers help reduce food waste.   

We aim to be not only good environmental stewards of our land but also for the planet. Because of our efforts, we are certified organic by the Northeastern Organic Farmers Association and Bird Friendly Maple by the National Audubon Society.